Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 1. Russia

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1 folk sport
2 names
3 any flat surface
4 bat… wooden pin

ancient (adj): very old
form (n): type
basic idea (phr): general impression
flat surface (n): even area
grass lawn (n): an area covered in a thin green leaved plant that is cut short and even (usu. in a garden or a park)
town square (n): a flat open space in the middle of a town in the shape of a square (usu. for public events)
equipment (n): things used for a particular purpose
bat(n): a special piece of wood for hitting a ball in sports
wooden pin (n): a wooden object like a skittle
rule (n): an instruction that says what is allowed / not allowed
objective (n): aim. goal
knock (v): to hit sth.
throw (v): to move your hand quickly and let go of an
object so it moves through the air
winner (n): the person who wins a competition
standing (pp): in an upright position

1 wooden
2 town
3 flat
4 folk
5 grass
Name of sport: Gorodki
Place: Russia
Equipment: Bat, wooden pins
Objective: Knock down in the pins
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