Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 1. Skills

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a) The text is about the Olympic Games.
1 F (They happen every four years.)
b) Key words:
1 Olympic Games, every two уears.
2 Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, take place, same city.
3 Boxing, one of the first, Olympic sports.
4 Usain Bolt, gold medals, Paralympics.
5 Winter Olympics, more sports than, Summer Olympics.
6 Russia, has, very good, ice hockey players.
7 The Finns, play, hockey, very well.

1 F
2 F
3 T
4 F
5 F
6 T

1 The Olympic Games
2 Jessica Long
3 Boxing and running
4 Usain Bolt
5 Ice hockey
1 My favourite athlete is Britta Steffen. I admire her because she is a very fast swimmer. She holds the world record for the women’s 100 metres freestyle.
2 She is special to me because I am a swimmer too. Also. I usually swim freestyle in competitions and I look up to Britta Steffen.
a) My favourite hobby is painting. It’s my favourite hobby because it’s creative and relaxing.
c) 1 My nameis Kivanc Ozqivit.
2 I’m from Istanbul, Turkey.
3 I’m 17years old.
4 My favourite sport is hockey because it’s exciting.
5 My favourite school subject is Maths because I love to solve problems.
6 I can speak Turkish. German and English.
a) They will talk about sports and hobbies.
b) It matches sentence 1. He uses the words: basketball, football and cricket.
c) 1 A
2 –
3 В
4 D
5 C
a) 1 My English pen-friend.
2 I should include the name and nationality of my favourite athlete. I should also include what sport he / she does and how he / she looks. I should also ask my pen friend about his / her favourite sport.
b) Dear Marta.
Hi! How are you? Thanks for your letter. To answer your question, my favorite athlete is Usain Bolt.
He’s Jamaican and he is a sprinter.
Usain is very tall (almost 2 metres!) and has got dark hair and brown eyes. He’s a very friendly person with a great sense of humor.
My favourite athlete is a sprinter but my favourite sport is football. I’m really good at it. What about you? What’s your favourite sport?
Please write back soon.
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