Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 1b

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a) 1 H
2 I
3 E
4 G
5 В
6 A
7 C
8 J
9 К
10 D
11 F
b) Mark is a firefighter.
Jason is an artist.
Sue is a nurse.
Claire is an actress.
Stew is a waiter.
Kate is an author.
Sam is an electrician.
Tony is an astronaut.
James is an architect.
Gus is a pilot.
1 fire fighter
2 nurse
3 artist
4 vet
2 aren’t
3 isn’t
4 ‘m not
5 aren’t
6 ‘m not
7 isn’t
8 aren’t
1 isn’t, ‘s
2 Are, aren’t, ‘re
3 is, is
4 Is, isn’t, ‘s
5 Are’m not, ‘m
1 She, Her, hers
2 They, Their
3 He’s, His
4 We, Our, She, ours
5 My, They
6 His, his
1 your
2 my
3 a
4 are
5 England
6 My
7 Brazilian
8 His
9 are
10 is
11 It’s
12 a
13 his
14 a
Katie’s favourite author is Paulo Coelho.
new(adj): being somewhere for the first time
here (adv): at this place
what (pron): used tо ask questions about things
subject (n): a topic studied at school
literature (n): the study of important novels, plays &poetry
author (n): sb. who writes books: writer
story (n): a telling of events
full of magic (phr): containing lots of mysterious / supernatural events
journey (n): a trip or expedition somewhere
dream (n): a goal in life: ambilion
2 Is John a student? Yes, he is.
3 Are John and Kate from the USA? No, they aren’t. Kate is from New Zealand and John is from England.
4 Is Kate’s favourite author Mark Twain? No. it isn’t. Her favourite author is Paulo Coelho.
5 Are Coelho’s stories full of magic? Yes. they are.
Ben: Hi! My name is Ben Smith. I’m new at this school. What’s your name?
Pauline: Hi Ben. I’m Pauline. I’m a student here. too.
Ben: Where are you from Pauline?
Pauline: I’m from France. What about you?
Ben: I’m Irish. Who’s your favourite author, Pauline?
Pauline: My favourite author is Tolkien. His stories are full of magic.
Ben: What’s your favourite story by Tolkien?
Pauline: My favourite one is The Hobbit.
Ben: Tolkien is a great author.
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