Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 1c

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Saturday and Sunday are at the weekend.
January. March. May. July, August. October, and December have 31 days.
April. June. September, and November have 30 days.
February has 28 days. (Except in a leap year when it has 29.)
The British flag is red. white and blue.
It has got three crosses on it.
Explain / Elicit the meaning of words in the Check these words box.
symbol (n): a representation of sth.
cross (n): a shape of a vertical line with a horizontal line across it
each (det): everyone of a group of sth.
nation (n): a group of people who live in the same area and share a government or language
except for (prep): apart from
every (det): (of a group) аll the people or things
government building (n): a structure where the people who run a country, state, etc work
certain (det): particular
special (adj): different from the ordinary
holiday (n): a day off work for people to celebrate or remember an event
Commonwealth (n): an organization made up of the UK
and some countries that were once under its rule
on display (phr): on show
The flag of the UK is on display on Commonwealth Day, the 2nd Monday in March; Queen Elizabeth It’s birthday, 21st April; Coronation Day: 2nd June; Remembrance Sunday, the 2nd Sunday in November; and on the Prince of Wales’ birthday. 14th November.
The flag of Argentina has three stripes: light blue, white and light blue. It has also got a sun in the middle with a face on it. This is the Sun of May. The flag of Argentina is on display on buildings of every public institution. Flag Day in Argentina is on 20th June The flag is on display on many houses on this day.
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