Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 1e

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b) 1 has got
2 hasn’t got, has got
3 haven’t got
4 has got
5 has got
6 have got
c) 2 Have, they haven’t.
3 Has. No, he hasn’t.
4 Has. No, he hasn’t.
5 Has. No, he hasn’t.
6 Have. No, they haven’t.
They are people from different cultures around the world. They have got unusual appearances. The man is very tall.
The woman has got a long neck. The woman and child are very short. The old woman has got long ears.
a) tribe (n): a group of people of the same race, customs and culture
leg (n): a limb of the lower body that people and animals use for standing and walking
famous (for) (adj): known for sth. in particular
ring (n): a circular band
around (prep): on all sides
sign (n): a representation of sth.; a symbol
wealth (n): a large amount of money, property or other valuable things
beauty (n): a nice-looking personal appearance; attractiveness
skin (n): the natural covering of the body
hole (n): a gap or opening in or through sth.
heavy earrings (pl n): jewellery worn in / on the ears that weigh a lot
make (v): to change sth. or sb.
beautiful (adj): pretty in appearance

1 tall, short, curly
2 dark
3 long
4 heavy

b) The Maasai Man
He is very tall and slim with long legs. He is in his early twenties. He has got short black curly hair.
The Karen Woman
She is middle-aged with dark hair and brown eyes. She has got a long neck with many rings around it.
The Pygmy Woman
She is young and slim. Her skin is dark. She has got a baby in her arms. She has got short dark hair.
The Dayak Woman
She is old. She has got short dark hair and thin lips. Her ears are very long. They have got holes with heavy earrings in them.

The Dayak women have got wry long ears with holes in them. I haven’t got very long ears with holes in them.
The men of the Maasai tribe are wry tall. I’m not very tall, etc.
a) 1 Chris
2 Sally
3 Mary
4 Jim
b) Mary is young. She is slim with long brown straight hair. She has got brown eyes and full lips.
I am of medium height and well-built. I have got short brown wavy hair. My eyes are brown. I have got thin lips and small ears.
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