Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 1f

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b) Team sports: football, cricket, hockey, basketball.
My favourite sport is cycling.
a) A – Lionel Messi is from Argentina. He is a footballer.
В – Yelena Isinbayeva is from Russia. She is a pole vauller.
C – Michael Phelps is from the USA He is a swimmer.

b) fast (adj): able to move quickly
athlete (n): sb. who takes part in sports competitions
pole vaulter (n): an athlete who jumps over a tall bar with the help of a long pole
Olympic gold medal In): the prize for the best athlete of each event of the Olympic Games
winner (n): the person that does better than anyone else in a competition, race etc
award (n): a prize given for doing sth. well
female (adj): relating to a woman or girl
world record (n): (of a sports competition etc) the best result ever achieved all over the world

2 Lionel Messi isn’t taller than most footballers. He is shorter.
3 Yelena Isinbayeva isn’t 1.69 m tall. She is 1.74 m tall.
4 Yelena Isinbayeva hasn’t got three Olympic gold medals. She’s got two.
5 Michael Phelps isn’t British. He’s American.
6 Michael Phelps hasn’t got 13 Olympic gold medals. He’s got 18.

c) Lionel Messi’s birthday is on 24th June. He is 1.69 m toll.
Yelena Isinbayeva’s birthday is on 3rd June. She is Russian.
Michael Phelps’s birthday is on 30th June He’s got more world records than any other swimmer.

shorter, faster, the most famous, the best, the most successful, more.
1 darker
2 plumper
3 more famous
4 more difficult
5 easier
6 fatter
7 more beautiful
8 better
1 younger
2 heavier
3 taller
4 shorter
1 the darkest
2 the plumpest
3 the most famous
4 the most difficult
5 the easiest
6 the fattest
7 the most beautiful
8 the best
1 the most popular
2 fastest
3 The longest
4 the oldest
5 the most successful
6 The highest
1 more difficult
2 the biggest
3 better
4 shorter
5 longer
6 faster
Tina’s hair is longer than Sue’s. Mary’s hair is the longest of all.
Jane is younger than Kim. Katy is the youngest of all.
Paulis older than Tim. Sam is the oldest of all.
Owen is thinner than Peter. Larry is the thinnest of all
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