Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 1g

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b) Paul can swim, dive, dance and play the guitar. Paul can’t cook or sing.
A: Can you dance?
B: Yes. I can. Can you play the guitar?
A: No. I can’t. Can you sing ?
B: Yes, I can.
1 Where
2 What
3 How old
4 Who
5 Which
1 Surname: Samuels
2 Nationality: American
3 Age: 19
4 Address: 1515 Primrose Street. Portland
5 Telephone number: 503 153 5482

A: Good morning. Can I help you?
B: Hi. Yes I’m here to join the music club.
A Great. Let me take your details. What is your first name?
B: Theresa.
A: Nice to meet you, Theresa. What’s you surname?
B: Santos. That’s S-A-N-T-O-S.
A: Thank you. Are you single or married?
B: Single.
A: Ok. What’s your nationality?
B: I’m Chilean.
A: Chilean… OK… and how old are you Theresa?
B: I ‘m 17.
A: And what’s your address?
B: 1325 Blackwell Street. Miami. That’s 1325 Blackwell. B-L-A-C-K- W-E-double L Street.
A: And finally what’s your telephone number?
B: It’s 555 349 4367. That’s 555 3494367.
A: Thanks Theresa. The first meeting is Tuesday evening. See you there.

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