Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 2. Language Review

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bedroom: bed. wardrobe, pillow (desk);
kitchen: fridge, cupboard, dishwasher, sink (cooker);
bathroom: toilet, washbasin, bath (shower);
living room: sofa, armchair, cushion (table).
1 sea
2 spiral
3 earthquake
4 quiet
5 washing
6 skating
7 estate
8 get
1 view
2 level
3 way
4 floating
5 nearby
6 huts
7 at
1 in
2 on
3 in
4 on
5 on
6 about
7 with
8 to
1 butcher’s
2 chemist’s
3 post office
4 clothes shop
5 fast food restaurant
6 baker’s
Lake Titicaca is 3.812 metres above sea level.
Boston is home to the Celtics basketball team.
Go straight down this street to get to the bank.
Turn left into Henry Street.
The Uros people have a unique way of life.
Susan’s mum is an estate agent.
Her flat is on the second floor.
There is a huge park behind the library.
I have chores to do at home.
The vacuum cleaner is in the living room.
That building has small windows.
This car is very friendly to the environment
Our hotel room has a great vie w of the sea.
1 F (It’s like a seashell)
2 F (It is in Seattle)
3 T
4 F (102 floors)
5 T
6 F (It’s on Liberty Island.)
7 F (There are lakes)
8 T

Astronauts haw a special vacuum cleaner for catching dust. (T)
The Eureka Skydeck 88 is a brick tower. (F hi a glass tower.)
The Nautilus House is in Mexico City. (T)
You can see Melbourne from the Space Needle. (F You can see the Cascade Mountains.)
The Nautilus House hasn’t got a garden. (Fit has got a garden.)
The Statue of Liberty is 43 m tall. (T)
Astronauts haw got knives and forks for eating their food. (F They haven’t got any knives or forks)
Uros homes haw got only one room. (T)

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