Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 2. Skills

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location: suburbs, near the station, etc.
furniture: armchair, table, chair, bed, wardrobe, desk bookcase, cupboard, etc.
rooms: kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, utility room. etc.
adjectives: big small, nice modern, busy, beautiful, etc.
extra features: garden, garage etc.
a) В – fantastic views (amazing / great views)
C – next to a main shopping street (near the high street)
D – lovely garden (pretty / beautiful outside space)
E- wry quiet inside (no noise)
F – need new furniture (wan f to buy more furniture)
G – very small (tiny, not big)

b) Speaker 1 В
Speaker 2 C
Speaker 3 E
Speaker 4 A
Speaker 5 G
Speaker 6 D

c) 1 I can see
2 live close to supermarket, walk out my door, haw all the shops I need, excellent location.
3 isn’t any noise, I don’t like noise.
4 I have lots of old things, 100 years old, beautiful.
5 isn’t much space, rooms aren’t big.
6 big outdoor space with flowers and trees.

a) I know that the White House is home to the President of the United States of America. I know that his family also live there. I think that it was built in the early 1800’s.
From pictures I can tell that it is very spacious and has some beautiful gardens, etc.

b) A BIG

c) 1C
2 E
3 D
4 B

a) The author’s purpose is to inform.

b) Two reasons that people may choose to visit the White House are: that it is a famous building where the President resides, and that it also sounds like a beautiful place to see.

a) 1 Asking
2 Describing
3 Describing
4 Describing
5 Asking
6 Asking
7 Describing

b) Size: big
Rooms: 5
Garden: really big / trees / pond with fish
Special features: pond with fish
Area: really nice / park nearby
Favourite place / room: bedroom

c) Stuart’s favourite room in the house is his bedroom. This is because he enjoys having his own private space.

A: Hi Bob. What’s your new house like?
B: Hi Tom. It’s great. It’s quite big with a large living room, three bedrooms and a small garden.
A: What’s your bedroom like?
В: It’s quite big and bright with a big window.
A: What about the garden.
B: It’s got some trees and flowers and a nice lawn.
A: Is it in a n ice a tea?
B: Yes. it’s really nice. There are lots of shops and a park nearby.
A: So what’s your favourite thing about it?
B: My room. It’s good not to share anymore.
A: You’re lucky.
B: Why don’t you come round for a visit?
a) 1 a short notice
2 details of what size flat, rooms, etc. need, the area it can be in, how much rent I can afford, my name and email address
3 students and staff at the university

b) Flat Wanted
I want to find a one-bedroom flat near the university with a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and furniture. I can pay ?150 a week.
Mike Brown.
[email protected]

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