Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 2a

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A 1
В 6
C 10
D 3
E 9
F 12
G 4
H 13
I 8
J 14
К 5
L 11
M 7
N 2
O 15
b) 1 isn’t
2 are
3 is
4 isn’t
5 are
6 aren’t
2 Is there …? No, there isn’t.
3 Are there …? No, there aren’t.
4 Are there …? No, there aren’t.
5 Is there …? No, there isn’t.
6 Are there …? Yes, there are.
The text is about an unusual house that is in the shape of a seashell. I think it is fun living in this house.
shape (n): the form of sth.
seashell (n): a hard outer covering of certain sea animals
young couple (phr): two young people who are married or in a relationship
spiral staircase (phr): a set of curvy stairs in a building
huge (adj): very big in size
plant (n): a living thing that grows in the soil
every (det): all of a group
room (n): an area of a building that is closed by a floor ceiling and walls
everywhere (adv): all over a place
bright (adj): having lots of light
grass carpet (phr): a floor covering made from a green plant
stream (n): a narrow, shallow, flowing body of water
trees (n): tall plants with a central stem and branches
earthquake-proof (adj): being able to withstand an earthquake without being damaged
friendly to the environment (phr): not causing harm to nature
view (n): an area that can be seen from a certain place
mountain(n): a wry high area of land
like (prep): similar to

b) 1 F
2 F
3 T
4 DS
5 DS

I really like this house. I could live in this house because it has a great view of the mountains and it’s earthquake-proof. I really like the grass carpet, the stream and the trees.
The Nautilus House has got a grass carpet on the floor in the living room. My house hasn’t got a grass carpet in the living room. The Nautilus House has got a nice garden with trees. My house hasn’t got a garden, etc.
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