Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 2b

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In my house we have got a dishwasher, a fridge, a cooker, an iron, and a washing machine. We haven’t got a toaster or a vacuum cleaner.
a) A house out of this world has got no gravity so things float around. It is very difficult to clean.

There is a lot of floating dust on the space station.
There isn’t a kitchen on the space station.
There isn’t a washing machine on the space station.

space station (n): a place in space built for astronauts to work and live on
neighbourhood (n): an area around where a person lives
chore (n): everyday work done around the house
floating dust (phr): very small pieces of dirt that travel in the air
pipe (n): a long circle-shaped object
catch (v): to grab hold of sth.
mealtime (n): the time when a person eats
tin (n): a closed metal food container
packet (n): a container holding several products of the same kind
wet (adj): covered or soaked with water
wash (v): to clean sth.
disposable clothes (n): clothes thrown away after use

b) On the space station they have got a special vacuum cleaner to catch the floating dust. They don’t need to cook their food. Also, they don’t need to wash their clothes because they are all disposable.
The writer thinks this house is cool.
I would like to live there because it is a strange place to live in.

chores, astronauts, mealtimes, tins, packets, spoons, forks knives.
1 dishwashers
2 pillows
3 cookers
4 ladies
5 children (I)
6 dishes
7 boys
8 glasses
9 knives
10 men (I)
b) A: That is ac hair. What are these?
B: These are pencils. What are those?
A: Those are books, etc.
1 This, that
2 That, these
3 This, those
a) The ball is in the box.
The ball is under the box.
The ball is behind the box.
The ball is next to the box.
The ball is in Iron t of the box.
The boll is between the boxes.
The ball is opposite the box.

b) 1 next to
2 opposite
3 in front of
4 between
5 on
6 on
7 between
8 in
9 Under

A: Where’s the kettle?
B: It’s on the counter.
A: Where’s the dishwasher?
B: It’s between the cupboards, etc.
a) A: What is your favourite room ?
B: My bedroom.
A: Is there a wardrobe in your bedroom?
B: Yes. there is.
A Where is it?
B: It’s between the bed and the desk.
A: What is on the desk?
B: My computer is on the desk. etc.
b) My favourite room is my bedroom. There is a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a bookcase in my bedroom. My bed is next to the window. My desk is between the wardrobe and the bookcase. There is a computer on the desk and books in the bookcase.
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