Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 2e

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In my country there ore a lot of rivers and forests. There are a lot of beaches and a sea.
An island is an area of land surrounded by water.
There are over 40 floating islands on Lake Titicaca. People Live on them.
a) 1 T
2 T
3 F Uros homes have one room.
4 F Uros men make boats out of reeds.
5 F Uros children go to school.
6 F Tourists travel to the islands by motorboat.

floating islands (phr): areas of land surrounded by water that move on the water
place (n): the area where sth. is situated: position
home (to) (n): the residence of certain people or animals
surface (n): outer part / layer of sth.: exterior
soft (adj): changing shape or easy to bend when touched
wet (adj): soaked with water
totora reeds (n): long-leafed plants (totora) from South America
reed huts (phr): small one room shelters made from plant leaves
heating (n): facilities / equipment for warming a house or building
simple (adj): not complicated or fancy
fishermen (n): men who catch fish for a living
reed boats (phr): boats made from plant leaves
school (n): a place where children go to learn
hospital(n): a building where medical care is given
nearby (adv): close in distance
popular (with) (adj): liked a lot by certain people
tourists (n): travellers who visit an area for pleasure
experience a unique way of life (phr): to temporarily live an unusual lifestyle

b) The author’s purpose is to inform.

1 simple
2 welcome
3 different
4 popular
a) The picture shows the floating islands of Lake Titicaca.
The people make them from totora reeds. There are simple reed huts on the islands. We can also see the reed boats that the fishermen have.
b) Hi Jane.
Greetings from Lake Titicaca! It’s great here!
There are forty floating islands on the lake. The local people make the islands out of totora reeds and have got reed huts. They have also got reed boats for fishing and go to school, but they haven’t got doctors or a hospital nearby. It is a wry simple life here, but I really like it.
That’s all my news for now. See you soon!
I have got a brick house. There are many rooms in my house and we have got heating. There is a hospital and doctors nearby. I haven’t got a different view from my window every day because my house can’t move.
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