Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 2f

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A 1
В 2
C 6
D 4
E 3
F 8
G 5
H 7
It is to Sam and is from Billy. It is an invitation to a party and mentions how to get to Billy’s house. There is a supermarket, a baker’s, a pet shop and a florist’s in Billy’s neighborhood.
address (n): information, including a street and number, that tells where a building is
underground (n): a system of trains that runs under the ground
station (n): a stopping point for trains where people can get on and off
turn left (phr): to change the direction you are travelling in and go in the direction to your left
turn right (phr): to change the direction you are travelling in and go in the direction to your right

1 Saturday, 20th November
2 5 pm
3 He takes the underground to Central Station. Then he goes up the stairs and comes out of the tube station into the High Street and turns left at the supermarket.
He walks along the street and past the baker’s and then turns left at the pet shop into King Street. He walks across the street and then turns right at the next street and Billy’s house is next to the florist’s.

2 Don’t turn left.
3 Don’t enter.
4 Turn right.
a) Examples in the text: up, out of, along, across, past.
b) 1 past
2 across
3 along
4 over
5 down
the underground, the stairs, the station, a supermarket, the street, the baker’s, the pet shop, the next street, the florists.
1 a, The
2 a, The
3 a
4 -, – (capitalise their)
5 The
6 the (capitalise my)
7 – (capitalise this)
8 -, a
9 The
10 a, the, The
[ðə]: the fridge, the toaster, the spoon, the sofa, the bedroom
[ðɪ]: the iron, the eraser, the armchair.
Walk up the hill along Green Street, past the baker’s. Turn left into Hope Street and walk under the bridge. Walk past two streets and turn right into Florence Avenue. The supermarket is on your left, next to the chemist’s.
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