Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 3. Language Review

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1 F
2 E
3 H
4 A
5 B
6 D
7 J
8 C
9 G
10 I
1 mammals
2 family
3 land
4 live
5 endangered
6 environments
7 have
1 half past ten / ten thirty
2 (a) quarter past nine / nine fifteen
3 (a) quarter to nine / eight forty-five
4 half past eight / eight thirty
5 twelve o’clock
6 ten past three / three ten
1 aunt
2 uncle
3 grandparents
4 grandmother / grandma
5 brother
1 to
2 on
3 to
4 at
5 on
6 of, in
7 in
1 work
2 daily
3 poisonous
4 brush
5 office
6 take
7 feel
8 conservation
9 do
10 hours
You can see many exotic birds on safari.
Her aunt works as a nurse in a hospital.
Mike’s uncle is 48 years old.
My mum’s mother is my grandmother.
Bill studies hard at university.
Ken is a typical teenager who likes playing computergames.
Keep still while I cut уout hair.
Brian works shifts in a factory.
Jane has to work late tonight to finish a report.
Kim goes shopping for clothes most weekends.
Her family has dinner at 7 o’clock every evening.
Pat goes to bed at around 10: 30 most nights.
Laura enjoys reading books in her free time.
What time do you usually have lunch? 1: 30.
The students eat their lunch in the dining hall.
We should take part in fundraising activities.
Helen met Jane for a coffee and to catch up with her news.
Henry sometimes gets up late at the weekends.
Debra’s sister has a baby girl. Her niece is just one уear old.
Office work often involves typing on a computer.
1 T
2 T
3 T
4 F (They do have a backbone)
5 F (It is in Africa.)
6 T
7 T

1 Reptiles live in cold places.
2 Giraffe Manor is also a conservation project.
3 Cheetahs are an endangered species.
4 Most reptiles eat plants and vegetables.
5 Reptiles are warm-blooded animals.
6 US College students have to live in dorms.
7 Wild life photographers work indoors.

1 F (They live in hot places.)
2 T
3 T
4 F (Most reptiles eat meat.)
5 F (They are cold-blooded J
6 F (They can live in flats or at ho me.)
7 F (They work outdoors.)

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