Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 3. Russia

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a) Misha is a bear.
b) Brown bean live in the mountains and forests of Russia. They are common in fairytales and dear to the people.
common (adj): ordinary
special place (phr): important position
in the hearts of (phr): in the affections, i.e. is well liked
mountains (n): very large hills of rock
forests (n): large areas of trees
fur(n): thick hair of animals
paws (n): animals feet
claws (n): the nails on an animals’ feet
grow (v): to develop
berries (n): the fruit of certain plants
nuts (n): the dry fruit of certain plants in a shell
roots (n): the parts of a plant that grow underground
grasses (n): green thin leased plants that grow on the Earth’s surface
insects (n): very small animals with six legs and / or wings
fish (n): an animal that Uses in water and has no legs
fairytales (n): a traditional story for children with imaginary creatures
cartoons (n): short animated films for children
national symbol (phr): an emblem that represents a country

1 They live in the forests of Russia.
2 They are large with small round ears.
3 They eat berries, nuts, roots, grasses, insects and fish.

1 head
2 ears
3 mouth
4 fur
Name: brown bears;
Lives in: Russian forests;
Looks like: large with round head, small ears long mouth, thick fur, long claws;
Eat: fish, nuts, roots, grasses, insects, berries.
In Russia we have the Russian wolf. They are grey in colour. There are about 30.000 wolves living in Russia today. They have long ears, narrow heads, long noses and sharp teeth. They live and hunt in packs and eat meat.
In Russia we also have Reindeer. They live in the tundra where it is cold. They vary in colour and size, but all of them have antlers. Their favourite food is reindeer moss. Reindeers have great vision and can see ultra violet light. Sometimes, they will also eat bird’s eggs.
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