Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 3. Skills

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1 The people in my family are very tall and have dark hair and green eyes.
2 My mum is 42, my dad is 45 and my brother is seven.
3 My mum is a lawyer and my dad is an engineer.
a) 1 dialogue
2 his family
3 his aunt Anna, his sister Katie, his brother Sam, his father Lucas
4 actress, biologist, actor

b) 1 T
2 T
3 F
4 T
5 F
6 F

a) I expect to read about a vet and his daily routine.

b) 1 A
2 C
3 D
4 A
5 C
6 В

c) 1 every day is different
2 Tuesdays. Thursdays. Saturdays or Sundays
3 at 7 am
4 12-2 pm
5 three students from a local school

1 breakfast
2 children
3 dining room
4 clothes
5 table
People: a group of students: three girls. three boys and a teacher.
Clothes: casual clothes.
Time of day: the morning or afternoon.
Place: school or college classroom.
Weather: –
Other things / objects: books, desks, chairs.
People’s feelings: curious and interested.

The photograph shows a group of students and a teacher. There are three girls and a boy in front and some other students behind. They are in casual clothes. They are at school or college in a classroom. They are at their desks and have got some books open in front of them. They look curious and interested.

a) Morning activities: get up at 7 am. have a shower, eat breakfast, catch the bus, go to school, have lessons.
Afternoon activities: have lunch, have more lessons, go home, do homework, have dinner.
Evening activities: hang out with friends, watch TV, listen to music, go to bed.

b) Dear Kim,
Hi! Hope you’re OK.
So here’s my daily routine. In the morning. I get up at 7 am. have a shower, eat breakfast and then catch the bus and go to school and have lessons. In the afternoon I have lunch, then I have more lessons. After school I go home and then I do my homework. Then I have dinner.
In the evening I hang out with my friends, watch TV or listen to music. After that I go to bed.
What about you? What’s your typical weekday routine?
Write back soon.

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