Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 3b

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nurse, secretary, pilot, chef, lawyer, police officer, etc.
1 F
2 F
3 T
4 T
5 F

1 He works in the jungle.
2 He walks to work.
5 He likes his job.

a) office work (phr): tasks that are usually done in a place of business (e.g. paperwork, typing, etc)
outdoors (adv): outside, not in a building
wildlife photographer (n): a person who takes pictures of plants and animals in the wild as a job
dawn (n): the break of day when the sun rises
get ready (phr): to do things to prepare for sth.
work shifts (phr): to work for a fixed number of hours before sb. replaces you
hide (v): to conceal yourself: to try not to be seen jungle (n): an area or land with lots of tropical trees and plants close together
keep still (phr): to not more; to remain in one position
wait for a chance (phr): be patient until an opportunity comes
return (v): to go back to a place you come from
share (v): to let sb. else enjoy / have sth. that you have
beauty of nature (phr): the attractiveness of all the plants and animals in the natural world

1 work shifts
2 Keep still
3 office work
4 outdoors
5 dawn

b) … he does a difficult job and shares the beauty of nature with people all over the world.

Do you catch the bus …?
Nathan doesn’t do office work.
… Nathan Dell doesn’t.
He doesn’t work shifts …
2 Jane doesn’t hang out with her friends on Saturday mornings. She has a tennis lesson.
3 Tom doesn’t do chores on Sunday mornings. He plays computer games.
4 Jane and Tom don’t watch DVDs on Saturday evenings. They go out / hang out with their friends.
5 Jane doesn’t do her homework on Sunday afternoons. She has a violin lesson.
6 Jane and Tom don’t play computer games on Sunday evenings. They watch a DVD.
b) 1 Does. Yes. he does.
2 Does. No. he doesn’t.
3 Do. Yes. they do.
4 Does Yes. she does.
5 Does. No. she doesn’t.
a) 1 on
2 on
3 in
4 on
5 at

b) B: … get up at 7 o’clock?
A: Yes. I do. / No. I don’t. Do you do your homework on Friday evenings?
B: Yes. I do. / No. I don’t. Do you do sport in the winter?
A: Yes. I do. / No. I don’t. Do you buy a magazine at weekends?
B: Yes. I do. / No. I don’t.

b) A: How often do you read in bed?
В: I never read in bed.
A: How often do you help with chores?
В: I usually help with chores.
A: How often do you catch a bus?
B: I sometimes catch a bus.
A: How of ten do you go to the library?
В: I often go to the library.
A: How often do you buy a newspaper?
В: I sometimes buy a newspaper.
A: How often do you do the shopping?
В: I never do the shopping.
A: How of ten do you send text messages?
В: I always send text messages to my friends.
At the weekends. I never get up early. On Saturdays. I usually go out with my friends or watch a DVD.
On Sundays, I always do my homework and I often help with chores.
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