Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 3e

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a) 1 elephant
2 parrot
3 eagle
4 iguana
5 duck
6 ant
7 goldfish
8 giraffe
9 bear

b) duck, parrot, bear, elephant.
c) iguana, cat. parrot, hamster, goldfish, snake.

I can see a giraffe putting its head through a window. There is a man and a woman sitting at the table eating a meal. The man is feeding the giraffe some food.
I think that there is such a place There are many wild animals in Africa, so maybe it is there.
1 D (The Rothschild giraffe … there are also exotic birds and antelopes.)
2 В (… giraffes … put their heads through the open windows to see what’s for breakfast)
3 В (Lynne… loves treats from the guests.)
4 C (The Rothschild giraffe is a rare animal with only a few hundred left in the wild.)
stare (v): to look at sb. / sth for along time
normal (adj): ordinary
leaves (n): flat. thin, green parts of plants or trees
twigs (n): small thin branches on a tree or bush
slice (n): a thin piece cut from a larger piece of bread, fruit, etc.
playful (adj): friendly, lively and cheerful
personality (n): character
leader (n): the person in control / in charge of a group
treat (n): sth. tasty / enjoyable to eat
guests (n): people staying at a hotel
hug (n): the act of putting your arms around sb. else and
holding them tightly with affection
typical (adj): normal; average
conservation project (n): a scheme / work to protect the environment
rare (adj): not common
in the wild (phr): in their natural habitat
acre (n): an area of land that is 4.047 square metres
estate (n): an area of land owned by a person, family or organization
exotic (adj): unusual and interesting, usually coming from a far a way country
owner (n): the person to whom sth. belongs
staff (n): the people who work for a company or organization
do their best (phr): try as hard as they can to do sth. well / do sth. as well as they can
feel welcome (phr): to feel wanted and that people are happy you are there
gentle (adj): kind, calm

1 stare
2 staff
3 treat
4 rare
5 estate
6 guests
7 leaves, twigs
8 leader
9 do their best

exceptional – strange
typical – normal
uncommon – rare
kind – gentle
lively – playful
fantastic – amazing
At Giraffe Manor you can take photographs of rare animals and see wild African animals up close.
You can learn about African wildlife and support the conservation project to save the Rothschild giraffe.
Dear Tom.
Hello from Kenya! I’m having a great holiday here. I’m staying at Giraffe Manor. It’s a fantastic place. The hotel is on a 140-acre estate where they keep many wild animals. You can see rare Rothschild giraffes and exotic birds everywhere. The animals are very gentle. What I like. most is feeding the animals in the morning. The giraffes put their heads through the windows and look for things to eat on our plates. It’s really amazing! Well, that’s all my news for now.
I hope to hear from you soon.
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