Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 3h

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a) 1 an email
2 my cousin, Stella
3 my news

b)The girl in the photograph is Julia.
The boy in the photograph is Sam.

A 3 (Write again soon.)
В 1 (I’m glad you’re ОK)
C 2 (Mum has a new job. etc)
a) Sam and I go swimming.
Sam finds it tiring, but I’m really keen on it.
I can have guitar lessons on Mondays or piano lessons on Fridays, but I can’t decide.

b) 1 but
2 or
3 and
4 but
5 and

1 There are four people in my family.
2 My dad s name is Gerald. My mum is Mary. My sister’s name is Katie.
3 Dad is a pilot. Mum works at the library. My sister is a student at university and plays tennis.
4 I like skateboarding and basketball. I’m also in my school drama club.
Dear Andrew.
Hi, I’m glad you are OK. I’m great.
My mum really likes her new job at the library. My dad is very busy and travels often because he is a pilot. Katie likes university a lot and plays tennis every week. After school I usually go skateboarding with my friends At the weekends. I play basketball with Dad and my cousins at the park. I’m also in the school drama club and I really like it.
I have to go now. Write soon.
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