Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 4. Language Review

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1 foggy
2 freezing cold
3 sunny
4 snowy
5 windy
6 rainy
1 chilly
2 sights
3 boots
4 sightseeing
5 malls
6 map
7 parade
8 survive
9 tired
1 socks
2 beach
3 shoes
4 display
1 flea
2 roller
3 half
4 amusement
5 fried
6 high
7 traditional
8 fireworks
9 below
10 snow-capped
1 in
2 at
3 in
4 at
5 on
6 of
7 from
People can buy second-hand clothes at Camden Market.
You can see the sights in Puebla one tour bus.
You can get lost without a map to follow.
There are snow-capped mountains on the way to Puebla.
People can ride on a roller coaster at the Mall of America.
Tom is tired of shopping. He wants to go home.
Tourists can follow a map around the city.
Low temperatures characterise the tundra climate.
It’s freezing cold at night in the desert.
People watch a parade and dance in the streets at carnival time.
1 Yes, it is.
2 No, it doesn’t
3 A festival of colour in India.
4 No, they can’t.
5 It’s an area in Puebla.
6 No, it isn’t.
7 The tundra.
8 Yes, there is.

1 What do people do at Holi? (They ligh f bonfires, dance, sing, and throw coloured powder at each other)
2 Is Jaipur in India? (Yes, it is)
3 Where can you eat fried insects? (At the Chatuchak Market)
4 Do people wear traditional costumes a f the Chatuchak Market? (No. they don’t)
5 Where is the Mall of America? (In Minnesota)
6 What can you see the Parque Ecologico? (Lots of plants and animals)
7 Are there forts in Puebla? (Yes. there are.)
8 Is the festival of colours in summer? (No. it isn’t)

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