Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 4. Skills

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b) Negative words: non-human, problems, don’t, too, hardly, shouldn’t, too much
2 T
3 T
4 T
5 F
6 F
a) My English-speaking friend is visiting me and I must choose which of the three restaurants to take him / her to.

b) 1 C
2 popular
3 modern
4 stylish
5 fast
6 lively
7 busy
8 loud
9 nice
10 traditional
11 older

c) He says restaurant C is popular with young people, modern and stylish, the service is fast and the atmosphere is lively. He rejects the other two places because he thinks they are too traditional and would suit older people more than younger people.

a) 1 summer / hot season, temperatures / weather, cold / chilly rains / pours / storms. daytime / day.
2 not last / short, warm / mild, favourite / beloved / liked.
3 a month / 30 days / four weeks, aren’t warm / are cool.
4 inside / indoors, outside / outdoors.
5 gardens / lawns and flowers, small / tiny, plant / greenery, special / particular, gross / lawn.

b) 1 В is the correct answer because the speaker says ‘nights in summer are always hot’.
2 A is wrong because the speaker says ‘around 35°C’, NOT over 35°C’. C is wrong because the speaker says’ very few showers’. D is wrong because the speaker says ‘around 35°C, NOT between 30°C’and 35°C’.
3 rains – showers, daytime – during the day, at night – nights.

c) 1 B
2 C
3 В
4 C
5 C

a) Key words: English friend, weather in summer, what people do, what you like doing, write an email, 40-50 words.
weather: hot and sunny, freezing cold, warm, windy, etc.
activities: go swimming, go for a walk, go sailing, etc.
reasons: have fun, keep fit, spend time our doors, etc..
Dear Paul.
Hi! How are you?
The weather in Turkey in summer is usually nice. It’s hot and sunny and people often go to the beach, have picnics and go swimming. I like summer because I like to spend time outdoors with my friends and family.
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