Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 4a

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1 C
2 F
3 E
4 D
5 A
6 В
Rule: + to be
Examples from Ex. I
1st rule: (+ ing): sightsee – sightseeing, eat – eating.
2nd rule: (e + ing) sunbathe – sunbathing, hike – hiking.
3rd rule: (vowel + consonant): shop – shopping, swim – swimming.
a) 1 playing
2 wearing
3 swimming
4 making
5 doing
6 sending
7 stopping
8 writing
9 running
10 reading
11 having
12 sitting
2 sleep
3 play the guitar
4 ride a bike

Stella is sleeping.
Mike & Tom are playing the guitar.
Dan is riding a bike.

a) Peter is in Mexico. He’s on holiday.
b) 1 DS
2 F
3 T
4 T
5 F

guide (n): a person who shows tourists around a place
route (n): the way from one place to another
coach (n): a large comfortable bus
snow-capped (adj): covered with snow on the top
mountain (n): a very high hill of rock
volcano (n): a mountain from which ash or melted rock
comes out
can’t wait (phr): (be) looking forward (to doing sth.)
tour (n): a short trip around a place
sights (n): places of interest
fort (n): a strong building for soldiers
it’s a pity (phr): it’s a shame
flea market (n): an outdoor market that sells used goods
crafts (pi n): hand made goods
snack (n): a light meal

we’re leaving / we leave
we’re staying / we stay
we’re going / we go
Andy isn’t coming / Andy doesn’t come
we’re having / we have
we’re shopping / we shop
it’s raining / it rains
we are having / we have
we are waiting / we wait
There are snow capped mountains and volcanoes on the way to Puebla.
You can visit lots of sights in Puebla.
There are forts in Puebla.
There are beautiful houses to photograph in Puebla’s city centre.
You can see animals and plants in theParque Ecologico.
There is a flea market in Los Sapos.
You can buy crafts in Los Sapos.
Dear Norman.
Greetings from Rome! It’s a beautiful sunny day. Rome is a beautiful city with lots of fantastic sights. I’m with Diane. Right now we’re walking around the city centre and shopping for souvenirs. It’s a pity you aren’t here.
See you soon.
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