Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 4b

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I usually wear my school uniform at school.
I usually wear jeans and a T-shirt at a party.
I usually wear shorts, a T-shirt and sunglasses on a hot and sunny day.
I usually wear trousers, a sweatshirt, a coat and my boots when it’s raining and it’s cold.
Sandy is shopping fora present for her friend Angela. She buys a top.
look for (phr v): to seek, to search
present (n): gift
success (n): the achievement of a good result
together (adv): with sb.. else
expensive (adj): costing a lot of money
guess (v): to suppose, to believe
top (n): a piece of clothing for the top half of the body
gorgeous (adj): beautiful
half-price (adj): costing 50% less than usual
match (v): to go well with sth. Else
1 a present for Angela
2 help Sandy find a present
3 it’s expensive
4 scarves
5 a green top … it marches the colour of Angela’s eyes
Negative: noun / pronoun + to be + not + verb –ing form.
Questions: to be + noun / pronoun + verb –ing form.
Examples from Ex. 2:
Negative: I’m not having
Questions: What are you doing here? Are you shopping …?
2 Are Sally and Helen listening to music?
No! They aren’t listening to music. They’re doing their homework.
3 Is Peter trying on a sweatshirt?
No! He isn’t trying on a sweatshirt. He is trying on shoes.
4 Is Ann swimming?
No! She isn’t swimming. She is surfing.
5 Are the girls looking for a present?
No! They aren’t looking for a present. They are having lunch.
1 are sitting
2 (are) having
3 are eating
4 (are) drinking
5 isn’t raining
6 are wearing
7 is wearing
8 are having
b) 1 A: are going, Do you wont
B: am helping
2 A: are you taking
B: is raining
3 A: do you wear
B: wear, am wearing
4 A: are they talking
B: don’t know, think, are trying
This is my family. They are having a picnic at a park. They are sitting down and enjoying the warm weather. Dad is wearing a pink shirt and white shorts. My brother Jack is wearing a white T-shirt. My sister Sara is wearing a pink skirt and top. They are having a great time.
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