Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 4c

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I usually shop at one of the malls in my city at least once a month. There are three malls in my city. You can buy clothes, electronics, books, CDs, shoes, etc.
a) At the Mall of America you can shop for clothes, book tickets, have lunch, watch a film, visit a museum, see sharks and go on a rollercoaster.
b) Name: Mall of America.
Location: Minnesota.
Shops: over 520 shops with accessories, books, electronics, toys and travel agents.
Things to do: shop, eat, watch a film, visit a dinosaur museum, have fun at the indoor amusement park, play golf, visit an aquarium.
skyscraper (n): a very tall building
appear (v): to begin to exist
shopping mall (n): a big enclosed shopping area
biggest (big – bigger – biggest) (adj): largest
accessories (pi n): extra items of clothing, e.g. belts, scones, hats
electronics (pi n): electronic devices and pieces of electronic equipment
toys (n): objects that children play with. eg. dolls, cars, teddies
travel agent (n): sb. who works in an office where people can go and make their holiday arrangements
get tired of (phr): become bored with
food court (n): an enclosed area with lots of fast food outlets
serve (v): to offer, to provide
variety of dishes (phr): a wide selection of different types of food
snack (n): a light meal
dinosaur museum (n): a place that displays the bones of prehistoric creatures to the public
indoor (adj): happening inside a building
roller coaster(n): a small railway at an amusement park that goes up and down that people can ride on in carriages for fun
aquarium (n): a place with exotic fish on display to the public
sea creature (n): an animal that lives in the sea
shark (n): a very large fish with sharp teeth

1 aquarium
2 food court
3 rollercoasters
4 indoor
5 tired of

a) A: Hi Bob. It’s Mark.
B: Hi, Mark. Where are you?
A: I’m calling from the Mall of America in Minnesota.
B: Really? What’s it like?
A: It’s great. There are over 520 stores. They have everything from accessories and books to electronics and toys.
B: Wow! What are you shopping for?
A: Books and clothes. Right now I am going to visit the aquarium and see the sharks.
B: Really. What else is there?
A: There is a huge indoor amusement park with roller coasters, a dinosaur museum and a 14 – screen cinema.
B: That’s amazing! What about food?
A: There are two big food courts with 20 fast food restaurants.
B: Sounds like you are having a good time
A: I am. Talk to you later.

b) I would like to visit the Mall of America. I often go shopping and I like to see new things. At this mall I can watch a film, ride a roller coaster and even see sharks. I can shop at over 520 different stores and eat delicious snacks at the food court. I can’t wait! / I wouldn’t like to visit this mail I think you can get lost easily and with so many stores I think you would have trouble finding the store you want. People in my city often shop at the Golden Atoll. They like to go shopping there because they can find everything in one location. The mall also has a cinema and a food court.

People in my city often shop at the Golden Mali. They like to go shopping there because they can find everything in one location. The mall also has a cinema and a food court.
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