Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 4d

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I usually eat out once a week. I often eat salads and pizza and drink lemonade. I buy pizza, chips and cola.
b) Customer: I’d like a hot dog, please.
Can I have a cola, please?
Here you are.
Cashier: What can I get you?
Anything else?
That’s 5.15, please.
Here’s your change.
What would you like? = Who t con I get you?
Of course. = Sure.
They cost 5.15. = That’s 5.15, please.
[ɑɪ]: buy, my, I.
[eɪ]: pay, wait, late.
A: Next please. What can I get you?
B: Hi. I’d like a slice of pizza, please.
A: OK. Anything else?
B: Can I have a coffee, please?
A: Sure. Here is your pizza and your coffee. That’s ?6.00, please.
B: OK. Here you are.
A: Thank you. Here’s your change.
B: Thanks. Bye.
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