Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 4e

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b) My area has a street market every Friday morning. You can find flowers, fruit & vegetables and meat & fish there.
I am shopping for fruit & vegetables. My friend Mark is with me. I can see stalls full of pineapples, bananas and tomatoes. The people around me are looking at the different stalls and talking about prices. I am happy to be shopping here.
a) The first market is in London. I think you can find clothes and antiques there. The second market is in Thailand. I think you can find meat & fish, clothes, books, antiques, jewellery, shoes, flowers, pottery and pets there.

b) stables (n): where horses are kept
stalls (n): large tables with goods for sale
second-hand (adj): used
at bargain prices (phr): wry cheap
food courts (n): an area with lots of takeaway food outlets
barges (n): canal boats
follow (v): to go somewhere using sth. to direct you e.g. path, map
map (n): a printed drawing of an area
get lost (phr): lose your way
delicacy (n): special food that is rare or expensive
fried insects (n): ants, files. beetles, etc. cooked in hot oil
delicious (adj): very tasty
pineapple juice (n): a drink made from a large oval fruit

1 Camden
2 Camden
3 Chatuchak
4 Camden
5 Chatuchak

1 second-hand
2 bargain
3 follow
4 fried
5 get
6 food

2 You can find bargain prices at Camden.
3 You must follow a map at the Chatuchak Market.
4 You can eat fried insects at the Chatuchak Market.
5 It’s easy to get lost at the Chatuchak Market.
6 You can visit a food stall at the Chatuchak Market and drink pineapple juice.

You can find some great second-hand shoes… and clothes at bargain prices plus beautiful antiques and furniture.
You must follow a map when you walk around because the market has got 15.000 stalls and it’s easy to get lost!
You can find everything here: clothes, books, antiques, jewellery, shoes, flowers, pottery, pets, and many other things.
2 You mustn’t / can’t ride through the stalls.
3 You can eat fried insects there.
4 You must throw empty cans in the bins.
5 You can has-e lunch there.
A Sonya wants to buy flowers / yellow tulips.
В Peter wants to buy a drink / pineapple juice.
C George wants to buy jewellery / a ring.
D Alfred wants to buy a piece of pottery / a pot.
a) The picture of the Chatuchak market shows Thai workers and shoppers near a food stand. They are all wearing casual clothes and workers are selling meatballs on sticks to customers They look calm.
b) I want to visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market. I think it is very interesting. I can find everything there because it has got 15.000 stalls. I can taste the fried insects and shop for souvenirs for my friends.
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