Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 4h

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Erica is writing the postcard to Amy. Erica is in Jaipur, India. They are celebrating the festival of colours, Holi.
1 (It’s hot and sunny)
2 (It’s Holi)
3 (People celebrate it every spring)
4 (We’re staying at my aunt and uncle’s house)
5 (They light bonfires and sing and dance around them. They also throw coloured powder at each other.)
6 Not mentioned.
7 (We’re watching a parade of painted elephants.)
8 (People are dancing in the streets.)
1 O
2 C
3 O
4 С
5 C
Erica uses ‘Greetings from Jaipur!’ for her opening remark, and ‘See you next week!’ for her closing remark.
a) People celebrate it every spring. (Holi) They light bonfires and da nee and sing around them. (bonfires)

b) 1 them
2 it
3 her
4 him

1 It’s a bit cloudy today.
2 Can’t wait to see you.
3 Miss you.
4 Watching the parade now.
5 Don’t want to leave!
6 Hope you’re OK.
Hi Richard.
Greetings from Warsaw. Poland! It’s warm and sunny here. We’re staying in a hostel in the city centre. The International Street Art Festival, Szluka Ulicy, is taking place now. People celebrate it every year in July. There are street performers, art installations and live music all over the city! There are also circuses and dance performances going on. At the moment, we are watching a man juggling. I’m taking lots of photos. See you next week!
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