Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 4i

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a) In my country, the climate is hot and humid during the summer and very cold during the winter.
b) Cold temperatures characterize tundra and hot deserts are usually hot and dry in the day and freezing cold at night.
1 HD
2 T
3 HD
4 T
5 HD
low temperature (phr): cold. anything less than 5’C / 40’F
characterise (v): to be typic a lof sth
exist (v): to be
last (v): to continue to exist, to happen for a length of time
reach (v): to extend to. to arrive at
shine (v): to give off light
midnight sun (phr): the sun above the horizon at 12 at night in the arctic or antarctic summer
dark (adj): having no light
drop (v): to fall, to go down quickly
survive (v): to continue to live in extreme conditions
dry (adj): (of the weather) having no or very little rain below freezing (phr): less than O’C / 32’F (i.e. the point at which water freezes and turns to ice)
hold (in) (v): to keep inside

1 survive / exist
2 last
3 below freezing
4 survive
5 characterise

Warm temperatures and lots of rain characterise the tropical rainforest climate. It rains over 1.800 mm a year. Countries near the equator have a tropical rainforest climate. There is no dry season and the average temperature is 30’C everyday.
The Mediterranean climate is hot and dry in summer. The winters are cool and rainy. Countries around the Mediterranean Sea parts of California, USA. Western and southern Australia, southwest South Africa and central Chile have a Mediterranean climate.
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