Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 5. Language Review

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1 a
2 e
3 f
4 c
5 d
6 g
7 h
8 b
1 was
2 ago
3 went
4 weren’t
5 difficult
6 have
7 lived
8 running
9 busy
10 are
11 modern
1 of
2 along
3 of
4 on
5 about
6 in
7 at
1 native
2 animal
3 opera
4 hunt
5 running
6 attend
7 transport
8 deliver
9 help
10 special
Pompeii was an ancient Roman city in Italy.
I live in a very busy city.
My grandparents’ village has a lot of narrow streets.
They had public baths in Machu Picchu.
The houses in Machu Picchu had running water.
A volcano destroyed Pompeii in 79AD.
The emperor ruled over a powerful empire.
Native Americans hunted for animals.
The Egyptians transported goods on the Nile.
I saw a science-fiction film at the cinema last night.
Ash, burned Pompeii after the eruption.
My parents grew potatoes in their garden.
The castle dates back to the 15th century.
The new action film is a must-see.
The film had a thrilling plot: I was on the edge of my seat.
Ancient Egyptian women looked after the children.
Native Americans respected the environment
Themen protected their families.
1 Near Naples, Italy
2 It was destroyed by a volcanic eruption.
3 In Scandinavia
4 The Pharaohs
5 The Beatles and the Rolling Stones
6 He walked on the moon.
7 In Peru
8 It means ‘old mountain
9 It’s in 3D.
10 They are tents made of animal skins.

1 What type of film has cowboys in it? (A western)
2 In which mountain range is Machu Picchu1 (The Andes)
3 What did ancient Egyptian boys study? (Hieroglyphics)
4 What is the name of the river ancient Egyptians transported goods along? (The River Nile)
5 Who built Machu Picchu? (The Incas)
6 When did Neil Armstrong walk on the moon? (In 1969)
7 What fashion style was popular in 1968 in the UK? (The hippy style)
8 Who discovered Greenland in AD 981? (Erik the Red / The Vikings)

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