Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 5. Russia

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1 Where was she born?
2 What did she do?
3 How did she die?
1 F
2 T
3 T
4 T
5 F

army officer (n): a person in a position of authority in the armed forces
governor (n): a politician in charge of a slate / region
wealthy (adj): rich
private teacher (n): tutor
nanny (n): a person who looks after sb.’s children for a job
marry (v): to become the husband / wife of sb.
empress (n): a woman who rules an empire
sole (adj): lone: the only one
ruler (n): leader
reign (n): the time when sb. ruled
power (n): a strong and important country
develop (v): to grow; become
direction (v): leadership
improve (v): to get better
education (n): the teaching of various subjects at school or college
stroke (n): a condition when a blood vessel in the brain bursts often causing death

1 governor
2 nanny
3 empress
4 educational
b) 1729 – Catherine was born in Prussia on 2nd May.
1745 – She married the Grand Duke Peter at the age of 15.
1761 – She became the empress of Russia.
1796 – She died of a stroke on 17th November at the age of 67.
Catherine the Great was the longest ruling female leader of Russia. She presided over the age of the Russian Enlightenment. It was called the Golden Age of the Russian Empire. Her son. Paul I succeeded her to the throne after her death.
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