Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 5. Skills

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a)The text is about the ancient Phoenician civilization.

b) 1 Phoenicians lived / isfand / high / cold / beside
2 Phoenicians / stars / giw / light / guide / rule / trade
3 Phoenicians traded / raw / food / shops / clothes
4 Phoenicians alphabet / only / royalty / evolved / Greek / letters based on / hear / sounds / no letters
5 Greeks created their alphabet / cheat / Romans / fewer letters / before / Romans / around 7th century BC

1 D (Inhabited the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea)
2 В (Learn how to sail using the stars at night)
3 A (Like wood and glass. purple-coloured dye)
4 C (Based on sound)
5 C (The Roman alphabet evolved from the Greek alphabet)

1 the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea
2 shipbuilders, sailors and traders
3 wood, glass and purple dye
4 Phoenician alphabet
5 they could communicate with their trading partners
6 the Roman alphabet
a) An interview with an archaeologist and something about Roman ruins and Britain.

b) 1 F, in London (in Wales)
2 F, Some locals told Emma… about the buildings (Nobody knew the buildings were there)
3 T, important because … size (enormous … this means they were very important)
4 T, isn’t unusual to find … ruins (is it common …to find things from Roman times in Britain?… Yes. Quite common)
5 F, Emma once discovered… (a man found …)
6 F, 40 years (400 years)
7 T, defend their homes in Italy (their homes in Italy were under attack)

Place – Prague. Czech Republic
What I saw / did – saw the clock tower show, went to the Kafka museum
Why visit? beautiful and interesting city
Invite friend – ‘Why don’t you come with me next time I go?’
Last month I went to Prague in the Czech Republic I went to the museum of the writer Franz Kafka and watched the funny clock tower show in the centre. You should visit if you haven’t already. It’s a beautiful and interesting city. Why don’t you come with me next time I go?
Place: Rome
Date of arrival: 10th August
Accommodation: hotel
Favourite place: The Coliseum
Date you re turn: 20th August
Feelings: happy, excited
a) Greetings from …
I’m staying at a beautiful …
It’s the best holiday of my life.
My family and I wanted to visit the art gallery but it was closed.
Every morning we go sightseeing.

b) В

Dear Laura.
Greeting from Rome. Italy! Tm here with my family. We arrived on the 10th August and we’re staying at a beautiful hotel. Every morning we go sightseeing. My favourite place was the Coliseum. It was amazing! We leave on the 20th August, which is tomorrow. I can’t believe this holiday is over already! It’s the best holiday of my life!
See you,
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