Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 5d

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I played outside all day. I walked the dog. I didn’t have fancy dress parties. I didn’t deliver newspapers. I helped my parents with the chores.
b) Paul’s mum lived in an old house in the country.
Do you wish you could go back ? – Do you miss all that?
It must be a good life for children. – It sounds like a great place to grow up.
Yes. I didn’t want to move. – Yes, I was sorry when …
[æ]: hat, pack;
[ɑ:]: heart, park;
[ɪ]: sit, ship;
[i:]: seat, sheep;
[ɒ]: pot, spot;
[ɔ:]: port, sport.
A: Did you live here as a child?
B: No, I lived in the countryside.
A: Did you like it?
B: Yes, I did. I used to play outside all day long.
A: That sounds great.
B: Yes, it was. What about you?
A: I lived in a small town by the sea.
B: How was that? Was it boring?
A: It was great. I played on the beach all day.
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