Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 5f

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I know that Merlin was a mythical wizard that lived in Britain. He was supposedly very powerful and an advisor to kings. It was believed that he could change his shape in things like clouds or birds. He also created a contest to see who would become king by removing the sword
Excoliburfrom a stone.
a) A Merlin used to give advice to King Other. Arthur’s Father.
В Merlin became Arthur’s guardian and teacher. Later he became his special advisor.
C Excalibur is the sword that Merlin placed in a stone in order to find the true king.

b) 1 B
2 C
3 C
4 D

c) Then Arthur, who was looking for a sword for a local tournament, saw the sword and lifted it out easily.

a) 1 E
2 D
3 В
4 C

1 magical powers
2 local tournament
3 foreign enemies
4 Ancient myths
5 medieval stories

b) 1 had
2 fight
3 choose
4 put

He was a wizard …
… were fighting great battles.
… was growing up …
… was looking for a sword
1 was blowing
2 was playing
3 was cooking, was doing
4 was fishing
5 was sleeping
I was doing my homework at 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon.
I was having an English lesson this time yesterday.
I was playing basketball at 10 o’clock last Sunday morning.
I was surfing the Net at 8 o’clock yesterday in the evening.
1 got
2 found
3 were cleaning, were having
4 was walking
5 were driving
Merlin was apparently only half human; the son of a woman and a demon!
Merlin was an advisor takings such as Uther and Arthur, Merlin became Arthur’s guardian and teacher when Arthur was young.
I think that Merlin is a popular legendary figure because he had many magical powers and could apparently change form. Also, he helped many kings in Britain fight against their enemies from abroad. He is also the person responsible for looking after the legendary King Arthur and organizing the famous competition using the sword Excalibur.
One very famous legendary figure is that of Robin Hood. Robin is famous for his gallantry, robbing the rich to feed the poor and fighting against injustice and tyranny in Britain.
The stories of Robin portray him as a fearless outlaw leading his band of merry men against the tyranny of Prince John. The Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy of Gisbourne. A brill ion f archer. Robin lived a life of adventure-poaching the King’s deer from the outlaws’ retreat in
Sherwood Forest.
Stories about the adventures of Robin haw been told and retold for over six hundred years. It is thought that Robin Hood may have even been a real character!
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