Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 6. Language Review

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1 contact
2 ruins
3 active
4 climate
5 thought
6 handshake
7 charity
8 cruise
9 burp
10 donation
1 social
2 blow
3 radio
4 firm
5 index
6 purse
7 puzzled
8 donate
9 disabled
10 animal
1 on
2 in
3 on
4 by
5 on
6 on
7 on
8 by
9 by
10 on
1 cut
2 true
3 van
4 touch
5 nod
6 aid
7 looked
1 on
2 for
3 to
4 on
5 on
6 through
7 on
8 in
I volunteer at the homeless shelter.
My friend works in a nursing home caring for elderly people.
Steve’s favourite gadget is his MP3 player.
My sister and I sold lots of chocolate to raise money for charity.
They had a fundraising event for the hospital last night.
My mum bought me some raffle tickets yesterday: I hope I win!
We got our puppy from the animal shelter.
I can use my tablet PC to browse a web page.
It is rude to point at people.
I tried to text someone yesterday but my mobile phone ran out of battery.
I chat online with my friends from America.
I want to write a blog about football so people from around the world can read it.
If you twist your ankle, it really hurts!
I feel terrible today: I think I have a cold.
I had some sour milk before, now I have a stomachache.
I felt so awkward when I tripped in class.
1 F (The Nik is in Egypt)
2 T
3 F (in Italy, yellow flowers indicate jealously and red ones show secrecy.)
4 T
5 T
6 T
7 T
8 T
9 T
10 F (In Bulgaria, nodding your head up and down means ‘no’)

1 The River Nile is in Egypt. (T)
2 VSO only takes experienced volunteers. (F – You don’t have to be experienced.)
3 A Korean host likes you to eat all the food on your plate. (F – In Korea, it’s polite to have some food on your plate)
4 Mount Etna is the largest active volcano in the world. (F – It’s the largest active volcano in Europe)
5 You shouldn’t give yellow flowers in Poland and Bulgaria. (F – You shouldn’t give yellow flowers in Poland and Italy)
6 A mobile phone is a kind of radio. (T)
7 VSO started in Son Francisco. (F – It started in London.)
8 There are ancient ruins in Sicily. (T)
9 Mobile phones can’t work without antennas. (T)
10 In the Philippines people point with their lips. (T)

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