Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 6. Skills

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a) 1 Yes. I spent two weeks at a summer camp supervising younger children.
2 Of course volunteers make a difference. Many needy groups, such as old people, the homeless, orphans and other disadvantaged children can benefit from the work of volunteers.
3 I suppose volunteers can be of a к ages and social backgrounds. It depends on the kind of work they are volunteering for. Young people, for example may be more likely to volunteer for hard physical work. The main point is that volunteers are caring sensitive people who want to help others.

b) Positive things about volunteering:
learn a new language;
get to know local culture and customs;
experience a complete life change;
Negative things about volunteering;
experience culture shock;
become ill / contract a tropical disease;
feel homesick.

c) В was surprised to find people from so many different countries
C didn’t expect to form warm friendships with so many people
D stayed longer than they meant to at first
E keeps in con tact with the children
F says volunteers see a country through different eyes

d) 1 E
2 A
3 F
4 В
5 D

a) 1 bus
2 behind
3 coloured
4 sending
5 change

b) A: Maybe f hey are going to visit a local tourist attraction.
B: Yes, or they could even be going home from school! They’re probably thinking what they’re going to do when they meet up with the friends they’re texting.
A: They certainly seem to be in a good mood, anyway!
c) The picture shows a group of people at a bus stop who are about to get on a bus. The woman is first in the queue and there are a couple of men behind her. They are boarding at the front of the bus and the weather seems to be rather cold, judging by the people’s clothes. Maybe they are travelling to work. They certainly don’t appear to be tourists. I think this is probably somewhere in London, as the bus looks like the traditional red ones they have there.

1 I don ‘f think anyone is especially enjoying their travel experience as they are probably going to or from work. It’s just part of their daily routine.
2 My favourite travel experience was when I went touring around southern Greece with my friend on his motorbike. We saw such wonderful places and felt so care free that I will never forget it!
3 My least favourite means of transport is the bus. Buses in the city where I live always get stuck in traffic jams and your journey takes forever! It’s often smelly and crowded and you sometimes have to stand for ages because the bus is so full.

а) The text is about the Trans-Siberian Railway and some general advice for people who want to trawl on it.
b) 1 B
2 H
3 G
4 E
5 F
6 C
7 A
a) The most suitable beginning / ending is Peter. …. See you. Jack.
b) 1 Sorry, but can’t go out tonight.
2 Have to go to animal shelter to help. Someone there is sick.
3 Won’t be back until midnight.
4 Why not go out tomorrow ?
5 Call if you need anything.
Sorry, but can’t go out tonight. Have to go to animal shelter to help. Someone there is sick. Won’t be back until midnight. Why not go out tomorrow? Call if you need anything.
See you.
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