Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 6

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John is describing photograph 4. He says it’s a quiet open place in late summer. There is fine weather with a blue sky He thinks the people are a group of friends.
They are dressed in jackets and shorts and seem to be wearing helmets. They are crossing the field along what appears to be a path and they all seem happy and relaxed.
Photograph 7
The place: open sandy beach.
The time of year: spring or summer.
The weather: fine with sunshine and clear blue sky.
The people: young man on his own.
People’s clothes: black trousers and shirt, brown boots, sunglasses.
The activity: driving a quad bike.
People’s feelings: interested, concentrating on what he is doing, escaping from everyday routine.
I can see an open sandy beach with the sea in the background. It’s probably spring or summertime and the weather is fine and sunny with a clear blue sky There is a young man on his own in the photograph. He’s wearing a pair of black trousers and a black shirt, together with brown boots and sunglasses. He’s driving a quad bike and he seems to be very interested in this activity. He is obviously concentrating on what he is doing and it is a good chance for him to escape from his everyday routine.
I’ve been camping, I’ve travelled in a camper van and I’ve cycled across country. I went camping with my parents when I was a child and I travelled in a camper van with some friends last summer. I cycled on an organized bicycle tour two years ago. I would like to fly in a helicopter and drive a quad bike.
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