Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 6a

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2 F
3 H
4 G
5 A
6 D
7 E
8 В
a) Paul is in Perth, Australia. Sarah is in Egypt. James is in Sicily.

b) Paul has taken a ferry ride and swum with dolphins.
Sarah has ridden a camel.
James has climbed a volcano.

c) 1 B
2 C
3 D

ferry ride (n): short trip by boat across a river or a small stretch of sea
skyline (n): outline of buildings (usually in a city) silhouetted against the horizon
make a dream come true (phr): make a wish become reality
clear(adj): clean, transparent
highlight (n): most exciting part of sth.
explore (v): travel around and learn about a place
desert (n): large piece of land without much water or vegetation
river cruise (n): pleasure trip on a boat down a river
source (n): place where a river starts
climate (n): typical weather and temperature characteristics of a region
coastline (n): area of land that runs parallel to the sea
ancient ruins (n): archaeological remains of buildings
active volcano (n): mountain with a hole at the top which still actively erupts

1 E (Paul made his dream come true by swimming with dolphins.)
2 D (James will never forget visiting Sicily)
3 A (Paul went on a ferry ride to see Perth’s city skyline.)
4 C (Swimming with dolphins was the highlight of the trip for Paul.)
5 В (Sarah thinks that history comes to life in Egypt.)
I’ve been. Tw already taken. I’ve also made. I’ve swum. I’ve already been … and taken. I’ve done. I’ve ridden, I’ve seen and have gone. I’ve also climbed. Sicily has been.
go – gone, work – worked, sleep – slept, walk – walked, read – read, swim – swum, see – seen, tell – told, give – given, eat -eaten, make – made.
a) 1 has sailed
2 have flown
3 have driven
4 has already ridden
5 has travelled

b) I have eaten breakfast. I have done my homework. I have walked the dog. I haven’t watched TV. I haven’t played football.

1 have gone
2 have been
3 have gone
4 has gone
5 haw. Been
6 has been
a) Name: Place; Activities.
Sarah: Egypt; go sightseeing, ride a camel;
James: Sicily; see ancient ruins, go swimming, climbed Mount Etna.
While on holiday in Perth. Paul has taken a ferry ride and swum with dolphins.
While on holiday in Egypt. Sarah has been sightseeing and ridden a camel.
While on holiday in Sicily. James has seen ancient ruins, gone swimming and climbed Mount Etna.

b) I think James’ holiday in Sicily is the most exciting. Apart from seeing the ancient culture and enjoying the beautiful beaches, he’s been to Mount Etna. For me, climbing a live volcano is really exciting!

c) Hi Tammy!
I’m having a wonderful time here in Santorini, Greece. I’m staying at a small hotel. It’s a really beautiful island and there is so much to do! I’ve driven around most of Santorini on a quad bike. I’ve been swimming every day and I’ve also tried scuba diving. It was amazing!
Yesterday I went shopping for souvenirs and then I saw a film at an open air cinema. Tomorrow I plan to climb the volcano here! I’m so excited!
Bye for now,

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