Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 6b

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1 cable car
2 coach / bus
3 boat / ferry
4 raft
5 canoe
6 lorry
a) A blog is a kind of online diary. It normally gives a regular account of a person’s experiences. You can see it on the Internet.
b) Nick’s blog is about strange experiences while travelling. The blog mentions a bus, cars and a cable car.
a) 1 F
2 F
3 T
4 F
5 T

weird (adj): strange, uncanny
on board (phr): inside / on (aplane, ship, train, etc.)
elderly (adj): not young, past middle age
old-fashioned (adj): not modern, from a long time a go
get off the bus (phr): get out of / lea w the bus
ghost (n): the spirit of a dead person
wear my hair in a bun (phr): twist my hair into a round ball fastened at the back of the head
bouquet (n): bunch of flowers
lost in thought (phr): not paying attention to your
surroundings because you are thinking of sth. else
puzzled look (phr): confused expression

b) Nick’s experience impressed me the most. The bus seemed like a ghost bus because it didn’t stop anywhere and went through a strange old-fashioned part of town.
Nick saw the old ladies during the entire bus ride. Judy’s lady may haw got off the cable car when Judy turned away.

Have you been, hasn’t run. Have you ever seen.
1 Have you ever ridden … have flown
2 has never been … has been
3 Have you done, have swum, have climbed
4 haven’t seen
5 Have they reached … have just arrived
6 Has he been … has travelled
7 Have you heard … has been
2 Have your parents ever travelled to San Francisco?
Yes, they have. / No, they haven’t.
3 Have you ever ridden a scooter?
Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.
4 Has your teacher ever seen a ghost?
Yes, he / she has. / No, he / she hasn’t.
5 Have you ever been on a double-decker bus?
Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.
6 Have your friends ever spent a night in a castle?
Yes, they have. / No, they haven’t.
I’ve just come back, hasn’t run since 1958. Have you ever seen.
1 never / Have you ever been to Spain?
2 since / Bill has lived in New York for three years.
3 already / Susan hasn’t booked her bus tour yet.
4 for / I haven’t swum since last summer.
5 ever / I have never ridden on an elephant.
6 just / The bus hasn’t arrived yet.
7 just / Rob and Ann haven’t come back from their holidays yet.
8 yet / I haw already heard that strange story.
I think I’ve seen a ghost too! One Saturday last autumn my friend Tom and I went walking in the mountains. We planned to stay at a village hotel that night, but late in the afternoon we lost our way Suddenly we saw a small stone cottage and stopped to ask for directions. А litt1е old lady dressed in an old-fashioned cap and long dress came to the door. Smiling sweetly, she invited us inside.
We ate a huge meal in her cosy kitchen. Then, the old lady very kindly insisted we stay the night. The next morning we stopped for a coffee at the village hotel. The hotel owner wasn’t surprised when he heard our story.
“Many hikers have stayed with old Mrs Herne.” he said. “She’s been dead for eighty years and her cottage has stood empty ever since!” We felt really scared when he said that.
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