Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 6d

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I have collected money for charity and I have also donated old clothes. I have bought a raffle ticket and once Iran in a race in aid of charity.
b) The speakers are a worker in a dog shelter and someone who wants to volunteer. They are talking about volunteering at the shelter and when the volunteer can start.
When are you free? – When are you available?
I can make it on Saturday afternoons. – I’m free on Saturday afternoons.
How does that sound to you? – Are you interested?
Is Saturday OK with you? – You can start on Saturday if you like.
I’ll see you there – I will be there.
volunteering, volunteer – fear
free – beach
available, fundraising-rain
A: Good morning. Eastways Home for the Elderly.
B: Hello. I’m interested in volunteering for the home.
A: Well, we are always looking for new volunteers. When are you available?
B: I’m free on Sunday mornings.
A: Great! We need someone to read to the residents. We are also looking for someone to go with them for short walks. Are you interested?
В: I would love to.
A: Great! You can start next Sunday if you like Just come in around 9 am and ask for Julie.
B: OK I will be there.
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