Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 6e

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b) We can listen to music on an MP3 player.
We can share photos on a tablet computer.
We can send an email on a laptop.
We can look up maps on a GPS receiver.
We can play video games on a video games console.
a) You can see forums on the Internet.
b) This forum is about embarrassing moments people have had with their gadgets.
a) 1 D … a few awkward moments … The worst …
2 F … I decided to use it to walk to a restaurant … I took it out of the car … entered the name of the restaurant.
3 B … There was the restaurant … I felt so stupid …
4 A … cool smartphone … try it out.
5 E … ice cream all over my face … embarrassed.

gadget (n): small useful tool or device
awkward (adj): embarrassing
mode (n): electronic programme or jetting
spot (n): place
puzzled (adj): confused
can’t wait (phr): feel very excited about sth. you are expecting in the future
application In): a piece of software which carries out a specific task
smack-bang (phr): directly and with force

b) I think the second story is the most embarrassing. It’s pretty stupid not to look in front of you when you walk. The other person could be very annoyed about their ice cream, too!

Past simple: was, moved, bought, could, decided, took, entered, followed, found, was, painted, was, felt, understood, was, took, was, bought, was, couldn’t, took, started, was, was, walked, went, laughed, was, had.
Present perfect: ‘ve had, ‘ve ever had.
1 sent
2 has had
3 Have you ever used
4 had
5 bought
6 haven’t received
7 has been
8 have you sent
9 Have you ever had
10 left
1 won … have / ‘ve just heard
2 Have you seen … was
3 have had … bought
4 has not / hasn’t visited … chatted
5 told
1 since
2 never
3 already
4 ever
5 always
6 just
7 yet
8 ago
One evening I was at home watching TV with my family. My mobile phone rang and I saw a number I never call on the screen. It was an old friend of mine in Germany I wondered what she wanted as we no longer kept in touch.
“Hello. Anna. “I said. “How are you? I haven’t heard from you in ages.”
“But you sent me a text message and told me to phone you.” she replied. “You said it was urgent!”
Then I realized it was a message for my sister Amber. I sent the message to the wrong person by mistake! I’ve never felt so embarrassed.
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