Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 6h

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1 a story
2 readers of a teen magazine
3 a first-person narrative
4 at least two
5 either
6 past simple
A 2
В 4
C 6
D 1
E 3
F 5
G 8
H 7
I 9
Last summer. An hour later. Then. Suddenly then, Thirty minutes later.
Where-in the mountains
When – last summer
Who – my brother Travis and I
What – camping trip
(All this information is contained in the first paragraph.)
1 a story
2 readers of your school’s English magazine / your fellow-students
3 a(n) exciting / scary / embarrassing experience
Para 1:
Who? Jane
Where? on a plane going to Ireland
When? last winter
What? Jane’s first time on a plane – cousins to meet her at airport
Paras 2-3:
What happened? went through check-in – boarded plane – stormy weather – everything went smoothly at first – plane started jumping around – stewardess said not to worry – plane began tipping from side to side.
What was the main event? plane dived towards ground very fast.
Para 4:
What happened in the end? landed safely at airport – Irish cousins laughed – pilots dive to avoid air pockets.
How did Jane feel? very relieved to be on the ground.
Last winter Jane was on a plane going to Ireland. It was her first time on a plane and her cousins planned to meet her at the airport.
She went through check-in and a little while later boarded the plane. Outside, the weather was stormy.
People fastened their seatbelts and the plane rose up into the air. Everything went smoothly at first. Then, suddenly the plane started to jump around. The stewardess said there was nothing to worry about but Jane got scared when it began to tip from side to side.
Finally the plane dived towards the ground at high speed. Jane expected it to crash and screamed, closing her eyes in terror.
Finally, they landed safely at the airport. Jane’s cousins laughed when they heard the story. They said pilots often dive to avoid air pockets. Jane still felt relieved to be on the ground.
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