Баранова, Starlight 8. Учебник. Module 4. Skills

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A destination – purpose, intention, place; the sick – the ill
В religious cen tre – place of worship, gods
C giant- huge; clock – dial, time
D landing site – run way, spot E the dead – pass away lost, buried F observing – looking, watching; stars – night sky
Speaker 1 – C time, sundial, longest day, measure time
Speaker 2 – В worship, spiritual place, pray, gods
Speaker 3 – A remains, bones, improve health
Speaker 4 – D roof, arrive on, leave, spaceships
Speaker 5 – E buried, burial site, memorial monuments, gravestones, peaceful spot, passed away
The extract is about a haunted house in England that an American family, who don’t believe in ghosts, moves into.
1 – paragraph 2
2 – paragraph 3
3 – paragraph 5
4 – paragraph 7
5 – paragraph 8
1 C (the incident involving her scared the servants and they wouldn’t stay in the house)
2 A (he says they have everything money can buy but not that everyone has money)
3 C (there was a stillness in the air)
4 A (it has been much admired not ‘put there’)
5 D (she fainted; she was not sleepy)
1 D (illness … never really recovered … ghostly hands)
2 D (come from a modern country)
3 В (sky suddenly became overcast)
4 C (blood of … murdered on that very spot)
5 A (terrified housekeeper)
I think the book described is the classic novel “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott a famous American writer.
I would definitely choose ‘It’ by American author Stephen King because I am a fan of horror stories and King is considered to be a master of this kind. I find his books fascinating and well-written with clever and mysterious plots. I am also interested in reading something which is fast-paced and modern. This is the reason why I wouldn’t choose the classic novel. Furthermore, I think that Harry Potter series is for younger children and besides that reading about magic is not my cup of tea.
1 happen
2 helped
3 having signed
4 had
5 be found
The text is about a photograph NASA took of a strange creature on Mars that turned out to be a very small stone.
1 agency
2 comparisons
3 scientific
4 rocky
5 surprisingly
Key words: English-language radio station, write a short story, title ‘A Mysterious Occurrence’, 120-180 words
It could be about something strange that happened to me and a friend a few years ago.
main characters: my friends Mary, Lauren, Tim and me
place: Mary’s garden
time: early evening
weather: clear night in September
plot: I was at an annual barbecue with my friends when we witnessed an unexplained phenomenon in the night sky. We all had our own theories about it but no official explanation has ever been given.
Every year my friends and I have a barbecue to celebrate the end of summer. On 15th September last year, Lauren, Tim and I had gathered at our friend Mary’s house. It was a lovely evening, perfect for an outdoor dinner party. At about 7 o’clock something strange happened that we will never forget.
We were all in the garden. Tim was lighting the fire, Mary was serving juice and Lauren and I were setting the table. As I was going back into the house to get some napkins, I noticed the neighbours standing outside their door staring up into the sky. I quickly followed their gaze and saw strange streaks of light shooting across the night sky. I pointed to the sky excitedly and shouted at everyone to look up.
None of us could really understand what we were looking at. At times, it looked like huge fireballs were cutting through the sky. At other times, we saw red, purple, green and white lights with tails. Could they be meteors? No one was really sure. Thousands of people witnessed this event across the country. The authorities said it might have been a satellite breaking up and falling to Earth, but that was not confirmed. They said it definitely wasn’t alien in origin.
Several months have passed since this sighting and no explanation has been given. Tim always jokes around and says it was alien spaceships landing on Earth. I think it was some strange natural phenomenon and I hope that I am right.
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