Барашкова, 3 класс. Повторение

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1 Mr Brown is work working in his office now.
2 Is Does he go to school every day?
3 Mrs Smith is has having lunch now.
4 He doesn’t do isn’t doing his homework now.
5 Is Does it often rain in autumn?
1 They There are ten children at the stadium.
2 There is any some milk in the cup.
3 You mustn’t take nothing anything from my desk.
4 Will be there there be anything tasty in the bag?
5 There will be something funny there.
1 Why do you do exercises in the evening?
2 There is some jam in the cup, isn’t it there?
3 When does she usually do her homework?
4 Who did go went to the museum yesterday?
5 When do you usually do your homework?
1 — Who was there yesterday? — My grandparents was were.
2 Is she read reading a book or play playing tennis now?
3 — Who did give you the toy?
4 Do Are they playing football or watching TV now?
5 Kate is his friend, isn’t he she?
1 They There are ten desks in the classroom.
2 There is are a lot of toys under these chairs.
3 Will be there there be many people there?
4 It’s There is a lot of snow in the park.
5 They didn’t see nobody anybody.
1 I often play this these games.
2 I have got a sister These are my sister sister’s toys.
3 How much many games did you buy?
4 He often sees that those children at the stadium.
5 These pupils’ pupils are doing their homework now.

1 He is cleans cleaning his teeth now.
2 Are Do you like to read English books?
3 He is-getting gets up at 7 o’clock every day.
4 Did you be Were you Africa last year?
5 Did his brother has have coffee for lunch?
1 I cannot answer the Question Twelve.
2 Today is the fifth of March.
3 There was an old man who had two sons and the a daughter.
4 Yesterday I bought a car. A The car is little.
5 This is the most interesting crossword in the book.
1 Did Jack’s mother knew know the telephone number?
2 Ann’s sister didn’t gave give us those toys
3 Did they be Were they at home yesterday?
4 Did your grandmother has have English at school?
5 Do Did they live in Moscow in 1995?
1 Why Mr White will will Mr White work on Sunday?
2 When do you usually do your homework?
3 Why are do they want to come now?
4 Who take takes your dog for a walk in the morning?
5 Where do they do exercises?
1 — Who has got a big ball? — Liz and Ann has have.
2 Your dog is Is your dog or white?
3 Ann’s grandfather is a doctor, isn’t she he?
4 — Who did watch watched TV yesterday?
5 Is Does he do his homework in the morning or in the afternoon?
1 These There are a lot of pictures in the book.
2 Is Does it often snow here?
3 They had soup for dinner, hadn’t didn’t they?
4 Nobody like likes to play these games
5 It didn’t rain two day days ago.
1 These are Mr Browns’ Brown’s children.
2 My grandparent’s grandparents don’t work.
3 Where are the pupils’s pupils’bags?
4 Mr’s Black Mr Black’s office is nice.
5 Jane’s Jane and Mary’s brother is having lunch now.
1 He took any some English books from the library.
2 There is It is winter It’s very cold.
3 Was Did it rain yesterday?
4 It often rain rained last October.
5 It is rain raining now.
1 When do you usually do your homework?
2 Why are do they want to come now?
3 Where do they do exercises?
4 — Who can do that? — They do can.
5 Who did play played in the park yesterday?
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