Барашкова, 3 класс. Урок 28

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1 How many books did they buy?
2 How many toys do they give her?
3 How many apples can he give her?
4 How many sweets could she take?
5 How many carrots have they got?
1 How much juice have we got?
2 How much cheese did she buy?
3 How much jam could he take?
4 How much bread can she give them?
5 How much meat does he eat?
many chairs, cups, glasses, sweets, hamburgers.
much cheese, food, juice, salt, soup.
1 was
2 did
3 can
4 could
5 does
1 We haven’t got much
2 She can’t buy many
3 They couldn’t see many
4 We didn’t buy much
5 She doesn’t take many
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