Барашкова, 3 класс. Урок 60

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1 is worse than
2 is better than
3 is better than
4 is worse than
5 is better than
1 is the best
2 is the best
3 is the worst
4 is the worst
5 is the best
1 Is she the best
2 Is he the worst
3 Is Mr Baker the best
4 Is that the best
5 Is he the worst
1 He is the worst sportsman in our class
2 Mr Smith is the oldest man in London
3 This is the most beautiful shop in the city
4 Mike is the shortest boy in the picture
5 Mrs Brown is the best English teacher in our school
1 more beautiful doll / the most beautiful doll
2 bigger ball / the biggest ball
3 better car / the best car
4 more interesting book / the most interesting book
5 funnier hare / the funniest hare
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