Барашкова, 4 класс. Урок 19

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2 -, the
3 a, the
4 the
5 The, a, the
6 a
7 a
8 –
9 a
10 –
1 will be at school
2 will be tired
3 will be ready
4 will be dark
5 will be fine
6 shall be in London
7 will be funny
8 will be hungry
9 will be ill
10 will be at home
1 there will be a park
2 there will be a new picture
3 there will be a new house
4 there will be a lot of apples
5 there will be two bathrooms
6 there will be a bus stop
7 there will be a party
8 there will be somebody
9 there will be a lot of people
10 there will be a lot of children
1 Will there be four or five rooms
2 Will there be a picture or a map
3 Will the sitting-room be … or at the front
4 Shall we have a piano … in the bedroom
5 Will they go … stay at home
6 Will there be three or two bedrooms
7 Will there be a table or a desk 8 Will he be an economist or an engineer?
9 Will she be ten or eleven
10 Will there be ten or twenty children
1 What a nice sweater! Where did you buy it?
2 What nice weather! The sun is bright, the sky is blue.
3 There is a small kitchen in the Browns’ new house.
4 There will be a new hospital in this city.
5 They will speak English badly, they are bad students.
6 They will be hungry. Let’s cook something for them.
7 I am sure she will help you.
8 They won’t invite her to the party.
9 I shan’t speak to my teacher about it.
10 How old will you be in 2010?
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