Барашкова, 4 класс. Урок 20

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1 -, –
2 -, – , -, –
3 the, the, the
4 a, the
5 -, the
6 the, the
7 the, a
8 a
9 –
10 –
1 is going to buy
2 is going to invite
3 are going to walk
4 am going to read
5 are going to get up
6 is going to work
7 am going to put on
8 are going to play
9 is going to cook
10 are going to have
1 Is … going to play / is not (isn’t) going to play / is going to read
2 Are … going to buy / am not (I’m not) going to buy / I am going to take
3 Are … going to walk / are not (aren’t) going to walk / are going to take
4 Is … going to work / is not (isn’t) going to work / is going to have
5 Is … going to cook / is not (isn’t) going to cook / is going to make
1 Did he go to the museum or to the Zoo?
2 Can she ski or skate?
3 Are they writing or reading?
4 Have they got five or six lessons?
5 Has he got a bike or a car?
6 Did he have lunch at school or at home?
7 Are there two or three bookshops?
8 Is she going to buy honey or jam?
9 Does she speak English well or badly?
10 Did they buy a dog or a cat?
1 The Jacksons have got a house not far from the History Museum.
2 The walls of my room are green.
3 Do you have the same book?
4 When did they go to the History Museum?
5 He is going to visit the History Museum?
6 Are you going to play tennis last Sunday?
7 There is a bus stop near Mr Carter’s office.
8 There is a bookshop near our school.
9 Next year there will be a bookshop near our school.
10 Next year she will be ten.
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