Барашкова, 4 класс. Урок 51

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1 А, а, -, –
2 The, the
3 the, -, а
4 The, -, а
5 an, the
6 -, a
7 -, –
8 -, –
9 The, a, –
10 The, –
1 You will be able to speak
2 You will be able to dance
3 We shall have to stay
4 I shall be able to help
5 She will have to make
6 She will be able to read
7 They will be able to go
8 They will have to invite
9 You will be able to buy
10 We shall be able to grow
1 has to; had to; will have to
2 will have to; have to; had to
3 had to; has to; will have to
4 shall have to; had to; have to
5 shall have to; had to; have to
1 could
2 will be able to
3 Can; can
4 shall be able to
5 can’t; shall be able to
6 will be able to
7 shall be able to
8 can’t
9 can’t
10 will be able to
1 May I have a cup of tea?
2 Let’s not go to the cinema.
3 I am sure he will be able to find the book tomorrow.
4 I think I will be able to learn all the words tomorrow morning.
5 He won’t be able to run quickly.
6 I am sure you will be able to speak Spanish in three months.
7 You mustn’t say that. It’s not polite.
8 You don’t have to wash up. I’ve already done it.
9 She had to invite Susan’s sister to her party, didn’t she?
10 The baby will be able to speak well in a year.
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