Барашкова, 5. Lesson 9

Complete the following sentences with a, the or no article.
1. Don’t ask me the same question!
2. Friday is the sixth day of week.
3. .The Orlovs’ flat is on the fifth floor.
4. The Dubovs live on the same floor.
5. We sang the same song.
6. It was such a nice song.
7. Is it the best song?
8. That is the main problem.
9. What is the main idea of the book?
10. There is a book in the bag.
Complete the following sentences with the or no article.
1. A penguin lives in the Antarctic.
2. A polar bear lives near North Pole.
3. What animals live in North America?
4. The Lena is one of the most important rivers in Russia.
5. Do you know any interesting facts about the Atlantic Ocean?
6. Oceans are large seas.
7. Is Germany smaller than Spain?
8. The Ob, the Yenisei and the Lena flow from the South to the North.
9. What are the main Siberian rivers?
10. Have you ever been to Egypt?
Which is right? Complete the sentences.
1. The bed looked comfortably.
2. Are you comfortable?
3. We were hungry, so we ate dinner quickly.
4. The place looks different.
5. The man looks angry.
6. The man looked at me angrily.
7. “Do I look beautiful?” she asked quickly.
8. “Oh, Granny, how strange you look today!” Little Red Riding Hood said.
9. “I’ll stay with you,” she said happily.
10. Sally shook her head sadly.
Write passive sentences.
1. the Packets were taken by them
2. the keys were given by them
3. the Presents were shown by them
4. Bananas were bought by them
5. Hats were worn by them
6. pencils were brought by them
7. apples were eaten by them
8. the cakes were made by them
9. the cars were washing by them
10. the tables were sold by them
Write passive sentences as in the examples.
1. Do they buy newspapers? Yes, newspapers are bought regularly.
2. Do they water the flowers? Yes, the flowers are watered regularly.
3. Do they use the computers? Yes, the computers are used regularly.
4. Do they wash the floor? Yes, the floor is washed regularly.
5. Do they discuss new books? Yes, new books are discussed regularly.
6. Do they buy presents? Yes, presents are bought regularly.
7. Do they cook fish? Yes, fish is cooked regularly.
8. Do they make bread? Yes, bread is made regularly.
9. Do they bring toys? Yes, toys are brought regularly.
10. Do they sell vegetables? Yes, vegetables are sold regularly.
Write negative sentences with one of these verbs.
1. The fish isn’t cooked
2. The books aren’t translated.
3. The towers aren’t built.
4. The vegetables aren’t grown.
5. The questions aren’t answered.
6. The uniform isn’t worn.
7. The children aren’t invited.
8. The butter isn’t bought.
9. French isn’t spoken.
10. The exercises aren’t done.
Make questions.
1. Are texts translated in class?
2. Are schools built in the country?
3. Is ice cream eaten in winter?
4. Is hot tea drunk in summer?
5. Is furniture sold here?
6. Are chairs sold in this shop?
7. Are cars made in this country?
8. Is the box made of wood?
9. Are flowers brought for her?
10. Are the rooms cleaned every day?
Use the correct verb form. Active or Passive?
1. Only English is spoken here.
2. They often use robots in factories.
3. Robots are used in factories.
4. A shop is a building where things are sold.
5. A butcher sells meat.
6. Maps and atlases are made in Edinburgh.
7. He usually makes a lot of mistakes.
8. We usually translate texts.
9. His poems are translated into three languages.
10. These games are played after classes.
Which is right? Complete the sentences,
1. Table football is played with two or four players.
2. He often plays football.
3. He played football the other day.
4. Little Tom doesn’t look very happy. What has happened?
5. You are so slow today. Do you always write slowly?
6. There was a lot of snow last month.
7. Neither Pete nor Bill looks sad.
8. When Granny came into the bathroom we were washing the dog.
9. I was sitting at the dinner table when Nina came into the room.
10. As she was trying to open the door, the postman asked her to help him.
Correct each sentence.
1. Tomatoes are grown here.
2. The floor is washed every morning.
3. Cheese is made from milk.
4. The cheese smells terrible.
5. He sings terribly.
6. Neither Jack nor his brother likes football.
7. I have known Ted’s brother for two years.
8. I have lived in this house for ten years.
9. The Hills have no apple-trees in their garden either.
10. The news good.