ГДЗ Решебник Барашкова к учебнику Верещагиной, 5 класс по английскому языку. Lesson 17. Упражнение 162

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Complete the following sentences with a / an, the or no article.
Excuse me, can you tell me the way to National Theatre?
What is Trafalgar Square famous for?
A square is an open place a town.
Excuse me, does this bus go to Covent Garden?
The National Gallery was founded in 1824. It contains one of the largest collections of painting in the world.
A theatre is a building with a stage in it.
London consists of several parts: the City, Westminster, the West End, the East End.
The West End is the most beautiful part of London.
The East End is the poorest part of London.
What is Westminster famous for?
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